Our Difference

What Sets Us Apart

Have you ever had anxiety going to the dentist? Do you sometimes feel that the dentist does not take time to understand your fears and concerns? We understand how disconcerting that can be and that is why we have made it our policy to treat every patient the way we would want to be treated.

Having a father as a dentist, Dr. Cameron was raised in the dental field and witnessed from a young age the rewards that come from caring and having compassion. He has strived for the last 44 years to make patients feel safe and trust that he and the team have the patient’s well-being foremost in their minds. He takes time to listen to all of your concerns and gives every patient his undivided attention. We warmly invite you to come in and be part of our dental practice. Let us put your fears and concerns at ease.

We love dentistry and love serving our patients even more. We are ready to serve you in your oral health needs. We understand that if you have good oral health, you will have better overall health.