All on 4 Hybrid Denture


Have you ever been told that you can’t have implants because you don’t have enough bone? To many people have been told that they can’t have implants. That is a thing of the past!

The all on 4 hybrid denture is a new technique that utilizes that bone you already have for your new teeth. 3D scans are taken to optimize implant placement. The same day the implants are placed your new teeth are attached. Yes, you wake up with your new smile!

The all on 4 hybrid denture is an excellent option for all types of patients. It’s an ideal transition for those who know they need dentures but have been putting them off. Most people have seen their parents, grandparents, or friends struggle with dentures, it’s not fun. With this procedure you are able to have your new teeth in a day.

The all on 4 hybrid denture is also an excellent choice for those that already have dentures but are tired of them not staying in or being able to eat what you want. With the hybrid denture it restores your chewing function to almost 100%! (chewing chart)

With traditional dentures lots of patients complain of decreased function and lost of taste. To help dentures stay in the denture is extended completely covering the gums and bone. The hybrid denture is attached to the implants decreasing the amount of denture material by over 50% allowing for true taste of food.


  • Smile in a day!
  • Improved function
  • Improved taste over traditional dentures
  • Long term solution
  • Usually no bone grafting required
  • Easy to take care of
  • Beautiful teeth and smile that you’ve been dreaming of
  • No embarrassing moments of denture falling out

Many patients are concerned about the cost of such a life changing procedure. There are many options that range from a cash discount to low monthly payments, as low as $299.

For a free consultation with Dr. Zac regarding the All on 4 hybrid denture call 702-385-7415.